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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update July 2021.

Who could have predicted when we had to suspend our services 15 months ago that we would be out of action for so long? lt has been a long and difficult time for everyone. However, I am pleased to tell you that we will be operating again from Monday 5th July. As previously, the office line will be manned from 9.30 to 12.00, Monday to Friday.

Lots of guidance notes have been issued to us during the past year to ensure both your and our driver's health and wellbeing. You will find the experience slightly different from the past, at least in the early days, even if other restrictions have been lifted.

This is a summary of the new guidance we will be working with:

  1. When you call in to make a booking you will be asked to confirm you do not have any Covid symptoms.
  2. You will be phoned the day before the booking by the driver and, again, be asked to confirm you do not have any Covid symptoms.
  3. Unless the driver has previously agreed you will be expected to be unaccompanied and will be asked to sit in the rear of the car, on the side nearest the pavement.
  4. You will be expected to wear a mask at all times, as will the driver.
  5. The driver will not be able to accompany you into the clinic, surgery, hospital - with the possible exception of the eye clinic. The driver will take you to the reception and leave you with a contact number. The driver will wait in their car for you and then collect you from reception.
  6. Regardless of the weather, the driver has been advised to have the car windows open to provide ventilation all the time.
  7. The driver will avoid close contact with you and may be unwilling to carry mobility aids.

We all really want to start helping the residents of Shepperton again. All the above is designed to make it safe for everybody. Please help us make it work for you.

Cliff Shears

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